Pelvic pain care, done differently.


Access digital care for pelvic pain, to help you
get a handle on pelvic pain, developed by world-leading experts.

You are here
and you arenot alone.

1 in 6 women and people with a vulva live
with persistent pelvic pain.

Diagnosis often takes years.
And even after diagnosis, the treatment options are
regularly unsatisfactory.

Bloume provides
digital care
to help you manage genito-pelvic pain

We'll support you in living better with their condition.

Our world-leading experts have developed digital care in:
Psychology & Pain Management
- pelvic floor physiotherapy
- sex and relationship therapy

Psychological support, sex , pain management?

We have world-leading experts who can support you with your condition, and who care about it.


What our
members say

Thanks to Bloume, I have improved my mental and physical health. The combination of techniques, both physical and psychological, was most beneficial to me.
The programme exceeded my expectations…thank you so much for your hard work in creating it!
Bloume surprised me – in 8 weeks I learned more about myself on many levels. For example, now I have a better awareness of when I am contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor.
Bloume gave me the opportunity to improve both my physical and emotional health from the comfort of my own home. Living with pain can feel isolating and debilitating. My knowledge of the pelvic floor and Vulvodynia has improved so much. This programme and the experts made me feel so supported and hopeful.