A‍ different approach
to pelvic pain.

We know how challenging it is to get the care and support you deserve.
We're here to change things.

The Bloume Platform

Our platform provides you with all the tools to help you manage genito-pelvic pain, developed by world-class experts in pelvic pain.

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    Pelvic floor Physiotherapy
    Pain management practises
    Sex and relationship practises
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    Expert sessions to overcome the challenges of pelvic pain
    Online platform, from the comfort of your home
    By world-class pelvic health experts

Pelvic pain care
tailored to the whole you

A biopsychosocial approach doesn't just target one aspect of your wellbeing.
It tackles your body, your mind and your relationships.
The result is a truly comprehensive approach.

Why use a biopsychosocial approach for pelvic pain?

The biopsychosocial approach is a clinically-validated way to manage pelvic pain that addresses
the person's mental health, physical health, and social circumstances.
This multidisciplinary approach is the most effective when it comes to long-term pain.
This approach results in improved well-being across all areas of health and a better quality of life.