Evidence is our thing.

You won't find anything at Bloume that isn't backed up by the highest quality, peer-reviewed evidence. We aren't in the game of pseudoscience.
Our founder, Claudia, holds the UK's first PhD focused on vulvodynia. Pretty cool, right? 
That means that all of our programmes are based on some of the most cutting-edge research in the pelvic pain sphere.

Our team is made up of world-leading scientists, researchers, and clinicians in pelvic pain to make sure you get the highest level of care.

Backed by world-class scientists, clinicians and researchers

When it comes to pelvic pain and women's health, it can be challenging to find reliable and evidence-backed information.
Our team consists of therapists, doctors, educators, and researchers who work collaboratively to ensure all we do is, and will always be, underpinned by science.

Dr Claudia Chisari, PhD, CPsychol

PhD in Vulvodynia, King's College London

Claudia carried out the UK's first PhD focused on Vulvodynia at King's College London, funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

Claudia is committed to advancing research and management of persistent pelvic pain. She is an Honorary Research Associate at King's College London and is research advisor of the Vulvar Pain Society.

She regularly publishes research in international journals across different pelvic pain conditions.

She is an internationally recognised expert in persistent pelvic pain.

Rona Moss Morris, PhD

Professor of Psychology as Applied to Medicine, King's College London

Rona has been researching and developing interventions in chronic medical conditions for the past 30 years. Her research has been used to design CBT and digital interventions across several health conditions.

She was National Advisor to NHS England for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies for People with Long Term conditions from 2011-2016.

Jilly Bond

Specialist Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Jilly is an experienced pelvic health physiotherapist who has worked extensively in the NHS, led a private hospital pelvic health service, and opened her own clinic.

She has also sat on the national executive committee for Pelvic, Obstetric, Gynaecological Physiotherapy and has written for international journals. She has specific expertise in pelvic pain, particularly around bladder symptoms.

Dr Ashley Brown, PhD

Psychologist and Sex / Clinical Psychology Researcher

Ashley is a psychologist and researcher with expertise in psychological interventions for sexual difficulties.
She also provides support for trans, non binary, and gender diverse people.

It's all in the research...

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for women living with Vulvodynia: A single-case experimental design study of a treatment delivered online

Chisari et al., 2022

The first online study to explore Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in women with Vulvodynia using a digital tool.

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Exploring psychosocial processes and treatment development in Vulvodynia

Chisari, 2022

Our founder Dr Chisari's PhD thesis in Vulvodynia conducted at King's College London, funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research. – the first PhD in Vulvodynia in the UK.

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Psychosocial factors associated with pain and sexual function in women with Vulvodynia: A systematic review

Chisari et al., 2021

This review explores for the first time the role of psychological and social factors in the experience of pain and sexual functioning in women with Provoked Vestibulodynia.

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Psychosocial factors associated with pain and health-related quality of life in Endometriosis: A systematic review

Kalfas, Chisari, Windgassen, 2022

This systematic review explores the role of psychosocial factors in Endometriosis, suggesting that these are associated with pain and health-related quality of life.

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