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  • Dr Claudia Chisari, PhD, CPsychol

    I am a Chartered Psychologist, Psychotherapist and World-leading Scientist with 10 years experience of supporting women and AFAB with Vulvodynia, Vaginismus, Endometriosis, Chronic Utis and other bladder conditions.

    I have a PhD in Vulvodynia at King's College London, and a specialism in developing treatments in Pelvic pain. I also support couples and partners of those who experience these issues, individually and/or together.

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There's no size fits all, so we will craft it together. Frequency and duration follow-up sessions will vary from person to person: we will decide together when and how frequently we'd like to proceed.
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£115 Couple
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Our model: treating the whole you.

A biopsychosocial approach doesn't just target one aspect of your wellbeing.
It tackles your body, your mind and your relationships.
The result is a truly comprehensive approach.

We've broken it down below.

Why use a biopsychosocial approach for pelvic pain?

The biopsychosocial approach is a clinically-validated way to manage pelvic pain that addresses
the person's mental health, physical health, and social circumstances.
This multidisciplinary approach is the most effective when it comes to long-term pain.
This approach results in improved well-being across all areas of health and a better quality of life.